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Cuckoo B

Rosario bag

Rosario bag

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Our Rosario Bag is originally called Pilgua, or market bag in Mapudungún, a hand-knotted bag created by Mapuche women from Chilean coastal towns.

Pilguas are handmade by creating a net of knots out of a fiber called chupón, a native type of plant. This fiber is highly elastic and resistant: the bags expand under water and shrink under heat or sun, but rarely breaks.

Its unique durability not only make Pilguas useful and resistant, but also able to maintain the tradition of passing the same bags from generation to generation of women within a lineage.

Material: Chupón Straw


Size: 15 3/4 x 17 3/4 in / 40 x 45 cms

Cuckoo B believes in self-expression respecting design, heritage, and culture.

Due to their handmade craftsmanship, bags can vary slightly in size and color and may have some imperfections. These characteristics make part of their uniqueness.





Due to their handmade craftsmanship, products can vary slightly in size and color and may show some imperfections. These characteristics make part of their uniqueness.

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