November: Happy Birthday To Us!

Dear bees,

November is the month of Cuckoo B's anniversary, and we cannot believe that we are turning 6!

We, @ylelolla & @jesusilvam, founded the brand in Seattle in 2017 out of our shared passion for traveling, culture, design, and beautiful stories and people.

From the beginning our core values have been rooted in global artisanshipsustainability, and chic design. And this is something we are really proud about.

We design each piece between Madrid and Seattle, which are then 100% hand-crafted by artisans from countries as diverse and culture-rich as Spain, Colombia, Vietnam, Mexico, and others.



"Our main mission is supporting and promoting global artisanship in the fashion industry while we celebrate and equally value the artisan, the designer, and the wearer".


The Cuckoo B woman (you!) is a conscious stylish woman, a lover of pieces with history and a story behind, who appreciates good design and self-expression through fashion.
We want to thank you for being an important part of this Cuckoo B world that we’ve created with a lot of love and the strong belief of making the world a better and more beautiful place.
We are also excited for our baby’s next year of life which will bring more beautiful pieces, travels, stories, new points of sale, pop-ups, and the
Bee Days later this month which are our only sales of the year (mark your calendars for November 20-27!).

Hail the bee,

Jesu & CB team 

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