• Sustainability

  • Cuckoo B's cornerstone is self-expression through fashion respecting and promoting culture, patrimony, great design, and the environment.

    For us, luxury is associated with slow fashion and the ethos of providing pieces meant to be kept forever.

"Our main mission is supporting and promoting global artisanship in the fashion industry while we celebrate and equally value the artisan, the designer, and the wearer".

- Our designs are seasonless and timeless

- Every piece is made 100% by hand using traditional techniques

- We produce in small badges, and no product goes to waste

- We experiment and mainly work with noble materials and natural fibers

- We keep ancestral traditions alive, by supporting artisanal craftsmanship and their culture

- We provide fair and transparent working conditions to our collaborators

- We believe in individual, community, and women empowerment

- We value people, culture, and the environment over sales and revenue