Santander, Spain

by Fátima Blanco Calleja, Cuckoo B friend and Santander native
Santander is my hometown...a perfect combination of nature, mild weather, place of rest, healthy life, mom's cooking, life-long friends, and nightlife plans. All concentrated in a precious and noble city full of sea promenades, elegant facades from where to behold the bay, modern art constructions, endless beaches, and the snow-capped mountains.




 Going to the Magdalena's area, one of the beaches of Santander's bay located in the enclosure of one of the former Summer palace of the Spanish royal family, and take a swim early in the morning no matter the season...A revitalizing day star is guaranteed! Many local people share this habit. There is where you can truly understand villager's typical character, introvert at a first glance, but joyful and fiery in the deep.



 It is a super elegant city located in the middle of a huge natural region framed among rocky mountains, sandy shores, pre-historical caves and medieval towns, where sporty life, rural customs and financial activities conjoint...It is imposible to choose just one favorite place to be, but if I have to I would say one of the terraces or English style salons of the Maritime Club of the capital. A beginning XX century building with a privileged enclave in the bay-front in downtown. A smart and fine social club where members continue preserving original and authentic interest in the nautical lifestyle.


Santander and its region have an enormous gastronomic offer for all tastes. However, La Bombi, a well-known restaurant in the city is always a safe bet: high quality and fresh products, mainly of the region, professional and polite service, confortable rooms ad consistent prices...Do not be surprised if you try to make a reservation and it is fully occupied or in case you are lucky, to find a crowded restaurant of pleased diners.


My favorite piece from Cuckoo B is the Cleo necklace. A very fun and elegant piece, is the perfect finishing touch for a classic outfit.


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