October: Ylenia López-Llata on Fine Living

Originally published by Raluca Harabagiu

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned. This is my confession.

I deeply admire women who are thriving, but remain humble, women who are embracing creativity, empathy and kindness, yet they are powerful and successful, women who relentlessly pursue their dreams.

Those women whom I cherish because they believe wholeheartedly in their holy grail and cultivate a growth, but healthy mindset.

Women as Ylenia López-Llata, a beauty seeker and a fine living aficionada. I'm so thrilled about this interview. You should see the big smile on my face right now! This is my very first international interview so this is definitely one of my "pinch me" moments.

I’m simply in love with the core purpose of Ylenia's brand, Cuckoo B, I adore her style and I believe without a shadow of a doubt that Ylenia is one of my #inspiringwomen.

So, I invite you to discover the art of fine living through Ylenia's eyes, mind and heart.

Ylenia, you are an entrepreneur, a modern nomad and a beauty seeker. Please tell me more about your universe adorned with creativity, an eye for aesthetics and a sense of cultural curiosity. How do you embrace the art of fine living?

What a beautiful question and at the same time what a complicated answer, I feel.

For me the art of living well above all is a constant investment in time, effort and money on what is not directly seen: mental health, emotional balance and cultural and social enrichment.

And after that, the best way to decorate this world, sometimes so arduous and complicated, is by using everything that is beautiful to our senses:

  • A good painting or sculpture;
  • A good piece of jewelry;
  • A good perfume;
  • A good bedding;
  • A table well placed with your loved ones around;
  • Simply a good fashion accessory with design and quality.

Tell me the story behind Cuckoo B. I’m simply in love with the core purpose of your brand. I have tremendous respect for local craftsmen because I really think that genuine luxury can also be found in one piece made by gifted hands, with love and passion, a timeless, limited edition product. This is why my blog hosts a Category called "Romanian Brands". So you can understand why I also admire Cuckoo B, a brand which "believes in self-expression respecting design, heritage, and culture." What do you think about these 3 concepts: slow, premium, ethical fashion?

Cuckoo B is a brand of accessories that Jesu (my partner) and I designed and that was born 5 years ago on the West Coast of the United States, in Seattle more precisely, and that artisans who are spread over several countries like Spain, Portugal, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, France, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Kenya, the United Kingdom, Morocco... give them shape through craft techniques, most of which are ancestral.

The name, Cuckoo B, comes from a type of nomadic bee that travels the world feeding on the best nectars. And that is what we basically do: we select the best artisan techniques to accommodate accessories (bags, necklaces, earrings, hats, household items, etc.) 100% handmade piece by piece by expert artisans and inspired by their local traditions.



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