March: Month of Women Energy


Dear bee,


In our culture masculine energy (associated with doing and being action-oriented) tends to be more valued than feminine energy.

In Ancient Chinese philosophy, the Yin and Yang represents two opposite but interconnected forces, that are in everything. And this life-force energy needs to be in balance.

On this Women’s Day we invite you to reconnect with our essence and power. The Feminine energy is:


Creative and vital,
free and inspiring,
powerful and sovereign,
strong and sensitive,
beautiful and sensual,
abundant and wise,
receptive and reflexive,
communicative and cooperative,
subtle and soft,
transformative and expansive,
fluid and flexible,
binding and empathetic,
brave and protective,
peaceful and harmonious.


We hope for all of our beautiful strong artisans, friends, customers, partners, and collaborators, a day celebrating the miracle of being a woman.

Love, dance, and create. 

Jesu & CB team


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