January: Room For Surprises

Dear Bees,
Happy 2023!

This is the first of our new monthly Cuckoo-letter. We want to share this space with you each month to give you a glimpse of the CB world: what inspires us, the music we are listening to,  news about the brand, and more.

The beginning of a new year is an opportunity to reset and incorporate new habits or mindsets from what we have learned the previous year.

What I’ve been personally thinking about a lot lately is about how life sometimes doesn’t give you what you asked or planned for, but instead something much better. Something that you couldn’t even imagine before.

This makes me think of the term Serendipity (an unplanned fortunate discovery not sought for). But I do not think serendipity happens really by accident. I think these discoveries happen when you call them into your life by following your intuition and trusting its power, while giving less space to ruminating thoughts that are only there to distract us from what our intuition is here to tell us. This voice from the heart is helping us to follow the best path. The one we not always knew was the right one.

I would love to invite you, on this new year, to make space for surprises, to listen to what’s in your heart, to be brave to follow it, and to be flexible with what life throws at you. 

On behalf of myself, Yle, and our team I wish you a 2023 full with laughs, love, learning, and fun.



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