August: Disconnect to Connect Again

There is no exploration more interesting than our own, our roots, our history, our internal keys.


The soundtrack of this movie is composed of emotions that are combined with complex and diverse feelings. The subtitles, because this is a movie in its original version, are the beliefs that name what each scene says about ourselves, about who we are, and how we place ourselves in front of the world. When our experiences have not been assimilated completely, the scenes repeat over and over again, with characters with no depth or nuances. It is a foreseeable story in which we guess the end with no surprise or discovery.


Other times, the tale of our life is not really our own.


Maybe it is a sad story, boring, with no traces of hope, desire, with nothing extraordinary or unique. Lacking of emotions or nuances, a movie with no soundtrack, line story, in which we do not exist as characters. The same can happen with a very different version, a movie filled with action scenes and spectacular special effects, but with a non-original script, starred by flat characters, and that tells a story that leaves us empty. Both options tells us about the price of disconnection, of giving up on life.


A price that we don’t need to pay and that I, personally, refuse to pay…


On this trip we have a backpack, a bicycle, and a road to ride. If our backpack is too heavy, it is convenient to stop to tide it up and remove from it everything that is not nourishing and hidrating us, what is not protecting and caring for us. We need to check if the wheels of our bicycle turn easily and if the handle is safe.


August. A month to breath in, empty the backpack, tune the bicyle and decide what type of story you want to start writing in September…


For me? One very customized for me without too much glitter, or yes, but that the soundtrack besides having all types of well-connected notes has pleasant silences filled with calm, peace and meaning. I do not ask for more.


With love,


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