July: Water

My favorite place? Water…by the water, close to the water, but specially IN the water. Whether in the ocean, a lake, or a river.

Water can transport you, cradle you, drag you, contain you, mirror you, or throw you.

It can be dark, scary, calm and inviting, furious, still, deep, shallow, clear or murky, vast or clearly bounded. 


When I was maybe five years old the mighty tide of the Chilean Pacific ocean swallowed me in while I was playing on the beach. I remember the waves rolling me around furiously under the water, as I was helplessly trying to fight back to come back ashore. I don’t know how long I was under it, but at some point I just gave up…it felt like I was already too deep in the ocean, already part of it, I was not coming back, and I wasn’t scared anymore. Then, as I surrendered, a gentle wave took me back to the shore. My family never realized I was missing, and probably it all happened in just seconds that for me felt like a long time. 


I think the reason for my aquaphilia is that when in the water you have to trust, let go.

We travel through experiences in life,  like in a river that flows sometimes furious sometimes gentle, like in the ocean that sometimes knocks you down and confuses you, like in a lake where you can calmly float if you let go.

But at the end if you trust the flow it all works out.

We humans are mainly made of water, and when in there I feel like a tiny droplet of it all, but at the same time the whole. You are one and become all.

This Summer try to spend time in the water, in the mountains, close to the trees, where you can feel the cold wind, or wherever in nature feels like your element.


 Happy Summer!

Jesu and CB team


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