February: Month of Love (And Self-Love)

 “How paradoxical is that falling in love is something innate and, nevertheless, loving oneself costs us, sometimes, our whole lives”

Victoria Ash 


They say that February is the month of love. I invite you to be the month where you work even more on yourself, on your self-love. How?

Stay a little longer in bed.
Write a letter to yourself where you finally forgive yourself those pending issues.
Listen to Old Sea Brigade's "Love Brought Weight".
Take a relaxing bath (no clock).
Buy yourself a good fashion or deco treat.
Call your mom.
Tell your mom all that stuff you never tell her.
Learn to say no.
Have a moment of contemplation under the sun.
Watch or rewatch “Into the Wild” and listen to the soundtrack.
Treat yourself to a good massage (better if it is an oriental massage).
Meditate, pray, meditate and pray. Repeat.
Eat well: varied, many times a day, not more than necessary, and enjoying it a lot.
Choose a good destination and plan that dream trip. Traveling without prejudices is the best of gifts.
Practice the exercise of gratitude every day. Give thanks.
Buy yourself flowers.
Perfume every day. And every night.
Walk arm-in-arm with someone you love.
Visit a museum and just open your eyes and mind.
Organize your dressing room, and everything you don't wear or don't like anymore donate it and sell it. It's liberating.
Paint your lips red. 

And above all: speak to yourself well, speak to yourself well and nicely. You have a lifetime to learn to love yourself and it all starts with how you talk to yourself... 

 With love, 



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