April: Easter, symbol of life and being re-born


Traditionally, and in different cultures, the egg has been considered a symbol of one’s life and being re-born because, in fact, this food keeps the seed of a new life inside of it. This is why through centuries, ancient pagan civilizations associated the egg too to concepts like fertility and fecundity, not only referring to the humankind, but the rebirth of the earth itself, which renews every year in Spring offering us food products through the harvests.

It is believed that the symbology that connects the egg to the birth of a new life is what made Christianity take the tradition as its own to gift eggs as the colophon to the celebration of Easter, considering them as a symbol of Christ’s resurrection.

The history of Easter eggs, as we know it nowadays, starts at the Middle Ages, when the custom of gifting chicken or duck eggs painted in vivid colors started to get installed. Decorating Easter eggs is still a tradition in a lot of countries, a family activity enjoyed specially by the little ones. It is also a tradition to hide them around the house so the children try to find them in a fun ‘adventure’. It is told that is the Easter bunny who brings them and makes sure to place them well secured until it’s moment to collect them.

Whatever the story is, what it is clear is that many centuries before Christ, exchanging eggs on the Spring equinox, commemorating March 21st at the Northern hemisphere, was a tradition celebrated at the end of Winter.


And the start of something new. A moment full of symbolism and perfect for:

 - Think: where am I, what do I want, and what do I need to do to get there

 - Do a good closet clean out: everything that you don’t wear sell it or give it away

 - Travel: put your next trip in the calendar. Touring the world is the best way of being alive and when doing it do it free of prejudice

 - Surround yourself with people that make you grow. Let go of anyone toxic

 - Do not postpone those moments of pleasure. We should have at least 1 to 2 hours every day for something that we really enjoy doing

 - Say I love you Every time you feel it

 - Be sympathetic. Being in a world with love and solidarity is fundamental

 - Gift yourself a treat with a soul and with a story behind, like anything from Cuckoo B :)

Happy Spring (life)! 

Yle & CB team


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