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Violeta Pillow Cover Pink
Violeta Pillow Cover Pink
Violeta Pillow Cover Pink
Violeta Pillow Cover Pink

Violeta Pillow Cover Pink

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The Violeta Pillow Covers are handmade out of vintage Berber rugs, and are one of a kind. The Berber women of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco hand wove them in a loom, and then hand embroider this very unique rugs, with traditional Berber symbols, out of cactus silk.

The cactus silk, or Sabra, is actually a vegetable fiber derived from the Agave cacti found in the Sahara Desert. The silky thread is still spun in the traditional way: on the long alley ways of the Medina men stretch the thread many meters into the finest filaments, in a process that hasn´t changed for centuries.

The Sabra fibers are dyed in different vibrant colors, resulting in an almost metallic sheen material. The fabric is extremely elastic, strong, and beautiful.

Material: Cactus Silk, camel wool, metallic zipper


Size: 18 x 18 in

Dry Cleaning Only

The insert of the pillow cover is not included

Due to its handmade craftsmanship, pillow covers can vary slightly in size and color, and have some imperfections, which is part of its uniqueness.



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