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Fuji Kimono
Fuji Kimono
Fuji Kimono

Fuji Kimono

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Kimonos (which means ”the thing worn”) is the traditional garment men and women wear in Japan, nowadays for special occasions. It´s defined by its T shape, decorative details and straight seams.

The Fuji kimono is a unique vintage piece, we brought directly from Kyoto. It´s a high quality silk Haori style jacket in black, that features beautiful traditional Japanese landcapes on the front and back, and a silk white lining.

We love how it looks on a casual outfit of jeans and t-shirt, or as a cover up over a night dress.

Material: 100% silk

Color: Black, white

Size: S-M


Due to its vintage condition, this kimono is a unique piece that has some imperfections on the lining, however its condition is very good.



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