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We are Jesu Silva and Yle López-Llata, co-founders of Cuckoo B. We have a passion for life, and for finding beauty in everything, in all people and their stories. There are not limits...the world is limitless, time is limitless, I am limitless. We are a micro universe within the macrocosm.


Being from somewhere else, is only natural for us as creative minds, to find inspiration in diverse cultures and places.
We are particularly inspired on corners of the world that are more untouched, wild. People in these places have been able to keep communities that are based on collaboration, and generosity.

To keep traditions through generations, there has to be a tight connection between people.








Cuckoo Bee [cu.ckoo bee]

Nomada sp.

1. A type of nomad bee. The adults are free-living and feed on the best nectar.

2. A bee that lays its eggs in the nests of other species of bees, replacing the Queen Bee. 






Cuckoo B explores how global artisanship can be re- contextualized and valued through the partnership of tradition and sophisticated design.

Our pieces are expressions of ancestral stories, the land, the people...the beauty of tradition still alive in tangible objects and in people's hands and hearts.

















Fashion is an empowering force. We believe in self expression and in respecting heritage, culture, and design. Our pieces celebrate the artisan, the designer and the wearer.

We value people, culture and the environment over just sales and profits. That's why we believe in slow design and will always honor the uniqueness, quality and thoughtful design of each one of our pieces. Cuckoo B's signature is timeless pieces meant to be kept forever.




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