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About Us

We are Jesu and Yle, friends and co-founders of Cuckoo B. We both love beautiful things, and finding the beauty in the world through our international travels.

Jesu is a Chilean Architect, expert in design trends and product development, who came to Seattle after living in Boston for two years. Yle is a Health Coach from Spain, and a fashionista with a keen eye for design, who arrived in Seattle via New York.

Exactly a year ago, on a beautiful afternoon in Seattle, where we both call home, while catching up after vacation and sharing tips about hideaway destinations and travel treasures, Cuckoo B took flight.

The Cuckoo Bee is a type of nomad bee that feeds only from the best nectars, which she finds travelling from flower to flower.
Each one of Cuckoo B’s items are those selected nectars; handbags, accessories, and home goods handcrafted by skilled artisans, inspired by the local history, culture, and traditions of each corner of the world that keeps a very unique identity.

Our mission is to reinterpret these ancestral techniques and create pieces for today’s modern and sophisticated woman.

Most of our line is designed and developed by the two of us in collaboration with amazing artisans from different countries (Spain, Colombia, Portugal, Mexico, Morocco, France, Chile, India, USA, Turkey, Indonesia, Japan, to date).

Each one of our pieces are 100% handmade, by using traditional techniques passed on through generations. We thrive on supporting these communities in order to maintain this important part of their culture.

This makes each Cuckoo B accessory a timeless treasure, meant to keep forever. For us, this is the ultimate luxury.


Which historical character do you identify with?
Jesu: I´m very inspired by Jackie O. I really admire her calmed strength, and her chic casual style.
Yle: Juana I of Castilla (La Loca) or Frida Kahlo fascinate me: their lives, defined by passion, tragedy, and strong characters.


What is your greatest virtue?
J: I´m passionate about what I care, always trying to find pleasure in everything I do.
Y: I am a believer: dreams come true. I put passion, effort and fun in everything in my life.


Your favorite trip?
J: Tokyo a few months ago: it was even more amazing than what I thought it would be. The mix of futuristic and deep-rooted traditions is in every corner, and the food! Going back home to Chile is of course a favorite: I miss the food, and just being with family and friends.
Y: Always my next trip is my favorite. You will find me every summer in Ibiza and Formentera with my love or friends. And I just arrived from Japan and it was incredible...


Which destinations do you have in mind for the coming months?
J: I´m really looking forward to January, when we'll spend a week in Paris, which is always a fabulous idea. Then the Alpes for the ultimate winter getaway! We are going to Munich, Salzburg, and Berchtesgaden, a little Medieval Bavarian town in the Alpes, where some friends are from. 
Y: I am currently planning a trip to Alaska, a walk around Antelope Canyon and surroundings. Hawaii is also on the list because of the "proximity", and from Latin America I'm dying to go to Chile, Buenos Aires, and Peru.


A perfect Sunday plan?
J: My favorite Sunday plan is spending it with my husband and daughter. We love our neighborhood and we try to walk everywhere: we usually go for lunch at one of our favorites spots, have coffee at a local coffee shop, and then chill at this amazing bookstore we love, the park, or the beach.
Y: Wake up with the sunrise, and eat breakfast with my husband in bed. Walk around and get lost. Hit some local markets or catch up with friends doing brunch, and watch a good movie.


If you had to choose a product from Cuckoo B, which one would you choose, and why?
J: Impossible, all of them are so unique! The one I wear the most is the Lupe Bag in gold, the perfect size for an everyday bag, yet so elegant. Right now I'm obsessed with the Clarisa Bag, which easily completes every outfit. And for home, the Violeta Pillow: I saw in Marrakech how they spun the silk threads, and it is a fascinating process.
Y: All of them! :) Felicia earrings and the bags from the Mediterranean Collection (Clarisa or Jane Bag for example) would always be in my closet. And I´m particularly a fan of Begonia Headpiece for special occasions.


Favorite garment of all time?
J: Excellent quality basics with a good fit. A good pair of Levi´s, pima cotton shirts, and cashmere sweaters are staples that make a great base to accessorize with more fun and risky stuff.
Y: Good bags and shoes are my best friends. To me, details are everything: they mean everything in an outfit. I believe good accessories  are lifetime investments.


A song that you never get tired of listening to?
J: Where the Soul Meets Body, by Death Cab for Cutie. The lyrics give me goosebumps. Right now I´m listening to Arcade Fire on repeat, after going to one of their shows a couple of weeks ago.
Y: New Slang by The Shins. My husband tells me that he doesn't understand why I m not tired of listening to it over the years. It is all about the mix of good mood and relax.


You can't leave home without…
J: My Iphone! I love to take pictures with it, and since I´m always multitasking I work with it when I´m on the go.
Y: Phone and Headphones come with me. I always carry some make up as well.


What is your favorite hobby?
J: I love to cook with my daughter, and travel as much as I can.
Y: Laugh, dance and explore. All with my husband, Juan: family time is important. And of course shopping online and in antiques stores too. 


What could you eat every day?
J: Sushi!
Y: Traditional Spanish dishes that I miss on the distance: a simple meal with Spanish omelette, Russian salad or croquettes make my day.


What quality do you highlight in your partner?
J: Yle has a good eye, and she´s also very funny.
Y: Jesu is creative and kind :)


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