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Blog - Colors of the Caribbean

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Wearing Colors in Winter

No doubt, colors impact our lives in many ways. How many times have you been attracted to certain tones, without really knowing the specific reason?

Experts say that we do not only see the different tones, we can also feel them. That is why the colors you dress in can influence your mood and your energy much more than you may think. Learn how the following colors impact your life and learn to use them so you make the most out of them.


What makes you feel? Passion, desire and awareness.

When to wear it? Use red when your mood and level of energy are low: it will work as the perfect weapon to lift them. It is ideal for a romantic date, or for that event when you have to make a good impression. It will boost your selfsteem and confidence.


What makes you feel? Optimism, happiness and warmth.

When to wear it? Although you might think that this color influences your mood in the same way as red does, orange is way less daring, but has a huge antidepressant effect. Just imagine the color of a sunny morning: does it make you smile?

Use this tone to socialize. Choose tones of orange that complement the complexion of your skin: if it is warm, go for something more towards the browns, and if it is more cold, go for something closer to the peach tones.


What makes you feel? Calm, patience, romanticism, and reduces stress.

When to wear it? If more than one person has told you that you need to relax, maybe the solution is to start incorporating a little pink in your wardrobe.

Experts say that this color has a positive influence on your mood, and it helps calm you down in times of high stress. Also, being a color associated with the femininity, it will help you feel more feminine when you are wearing it.


What makes you feel? Creativity, spirituality and self confidence.

When to wear it? Although an inspiring color, you may want to avoid it when you feel in a low mood, because it can lower your energy levels. The ideal occasion is that packed day, when you know you will not have a free minute at work and your tasks need your full attention. Blue will help you succeed, bringing balance and concentration to your day. Is this color better? It is worth combining it in different shades to achieve a blue overall look.


As you can see, winter doesn´t need to be the boring season. We can brighten the gray, cold, and rainy days, with colorful clothes and accessories.

Here some more ideas to make your look more fun, using colorful touches:


- In a handbag to go to the office (like our Lupe bag)


- To hold your favorite sunglasses (like Celia Sunglasses Rope)


- In a total look with matching earrings (like our Gala Earrings)


- On your cheeks to give a healthy appearance (like Maderas de Oriente Blush)


- In accessories, like bracelets (like our Lucia Bracelet)


- On bags with a dark cloth coat (like our Carmen Bag)


Add color to your life!



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