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The Original Birkin Bag

Everyone knows the anecdote that led to one of the most iconic bags in history. It's popular culture: it happened on a flight from Paris to London in 1981. Jane Birkin was trying to put her purse in the luggage compartment, when she suddenly fell to the ground scattering her belongings down the aisle of the plane. The actress complained loudly that there was not a bag large enough and comfortable enough to carry everything she needed. And Jean-Louis Damas, then President of Hermès who coincidentally sits next to the actress, picked up the glove. The rest is history...

But what people may not know is that the bag that Birkin tries to keep in the upper compartment of the plane was a wicker basket. Or better, her wicker basket, that round model with a small part that accompanied her everywhere and that is responsible, in large part, for many to think Birkin is French, when in fact she was born in the United Kingdom. Because, is there an image that best represents the Parisian charm that the actress with bell-bottoms, a Bohemian white top and her carry-on in the hand walking through the streets of Saint-Tropez? Probably not.

We have reviewed the best photos of the actress with her fetish bag. First, out of pure nostalgia; and second, to see what was special about the carrycot so that Birkin could only replace it with another Birkin.



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