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When we are travelling, there is nothing we enjoy more than eating local food, learning about the local traditions, and spending hours at the local markets hunting for treasures. Discover all the inspiration that is behind Cuckoo B, our Stories and exclusive collections.

Wearing the Candela Scarf

Our Candela scarf is so versatile that it can be worn in a million different ways. This thin 100% silk scarf features colors and prints inspired in the wild jungle, making it the perfect accessory to give a little something to your simple outfit.

Here some cool and fun ways to wear our Candela Scarf:

1- You can wear it as a headband. Make a knot on the back on your neck or tie it on top of the head to make the knot visible. Alternatively, you can wear it by leaning the knot slightly to one side of your head.


2- Tie it on the wrist, as a bracelet. Wrap it around your wrist a couple of times and knot it on the outside part of your arm, so the knot remains visible. It can also be quite handy in case you need to tie your hair!


3- There are many ways to tie your hair with our scarf: you can insert it in between the strands of hair while braiding your hair, for the coolest braid; in a ponytail simply wrapping the hair a couple of times and knotting; in a ponytail, knotting with a bow; or finishing a high bun.


4- Around your neck, as a choker. Wrap the Candela Scarf a couple of times, around your neck, and tie with a simple knot a little to the side, for a chic touch.





Candela Scarf
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