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How to Wear a Kimono

For years, the Kimono has been a traditional Japanese piece worn by women and men that marked the main dress of the country in a stylized manner. The kimonos reach the lower parts of the body, with a tita neckline and wide sleeves. There are several types of Kimonos used by men, women and children. The cut, the color, the fabric and the decorations vary according to sex, age, marital status, time of year and occasion. The Kimono covers the body in an enveloping way as a gift, and is fastened with a broad band called obi


Today the Kimono has been reinvented in a thousand ways, to become one of the coolest pieces in our wardrobe. In fact, there is no self-respecting fashionista who does not have or wants one in her wardrobe.


The charm of the Kimono makes it the perfect piece for an evening outfit, enhancing sophistication and elegance. It also works great for the day to day, adding a trendy touch to an everyday casual outfit. We love styling our vintage Kimono Reiko with jeans and a basic white t-shirt.

Originally, the Kimono was made out of a rustic material, but as Japan became influenced by the Chinese and Korean culture, silk was introduced. That's how the Kimono became a sumptuous disguise. Currently, most Japanese people wear Western clothes, but wear Kimonos on special occasions, such as weddings, ceremonies or traditional festivals. 

The Japanese Kimono has fans all over the world. Some even take courses to learn how to put on a Kimono correctly. Typical classes cover the choosing of the Kimono according to the season, the frames and figures to choose according to each occasion, the combination between the underwear and the accessories of a Kimono, the training on how to wear each piece of underwear sending subtle messages, and the selection of the Obi, among other topics.




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