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Berets Every Day of the Week

Our Simona Beret is the star accessory of the winter. Here we give you some ideas on how to wear it every day of the week, with different outfits, to be the coolest girl in the city...

MONDAY - With a masculine look

Photo: Cut and Paste Blog

When you are rocking the garçon look, berets can provide a super feminine touch to an outfit that tells the exact opposite. The beret can be the perfect complement to make an excessively sober or uniformed look more fun


TUESDAY - With a white shirt and jeans 

Photo: Chiara Ferragni

A look of great wardrobe basics, such as a white shirt and jeans, is a great blank canvas that admits more special accessories, without restraint.


WEDNESDAY - With a gabardine trench 

Photo: Como Anillo al Dedal

Despite being just a raincoat, the combination of beret + trench is one of those keys of the French style that reminds, hopelessly, to the iconic looks of Jane Birkin and Catherine Deneuve.


THURSDAY - With a minimal dress 


Photo: Formula Krasoty

There is no better way to refresh that little black dress that you have in your closet, than with an accessory that does not go unnoticed, as it is a black beret. When a dress is boring, it's time to season the look with an accessory that changes everything.


FRIDAY - With a bomber jacket

The berets do not necessarily have to go with a look that evokes Parisian aesthetics. There is no better way to reinvent this accessory than decontextualizing it by combining it with a bomber jacket of some striking color. Add a turtleneck sweater and a special pair of earrings, to soften the mix.


SATURDAY - With an evening dress

Photo: Diego Anciano, Jonathan Daniel Pryce

If you thought that, in matter of evening dresses, everything was said, you were wrong. The berets are perfect to give your evening look an edge, getting out of your comfort zone, and it also makes your hair styling easy (very easy). In addition, it is a way to bring an evening look to broad daylight.


SUNDAY - With a rocker style look

Photo: Collage Vintage

When all the outfit and accessories show a very concrete aesthetic, it is very welcome to incorporate a discordant element that adds a pinch of personality and differentiation. A beret can sweeten up a rocker look. 





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